Shiki Maboro
Shiki Mabro
真幌 肆季
Maboro Shiki
Age 26
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 1

Yumi Uchiyama

The landlady of the dorm that Juugo currently lives in. Shiki is Nanana' s best friend from when she was still alive, and they used to go on explorations on the island with the Great 7 group. She hoped Juugo could keep Nanana company. </p>


Shiki is a very well endowed woman. She has waist long dark-fuschia hair that complements her mulberry-purple eyes. She usually wears high-cut tops & shorts.


Shiki has a laid-back, drunken personality. Her drinking habbit causes her to loose balance, and she tends to hangover in hallways of Happiness Dorm or the street. She can be serious at times. She deeply cares about Nanana  wants someone to keep her company. She hates any who treat Nanana badly (i.e.Hiyo Ikusaba).


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