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Saki Yoshino
Saki Yoshino
吉野 咲希
Yoshino Saki
Age 15
Gender Female Female
Status Alive

Misaki Kuno

A member of Three Skulls and a first year at Jūgo 's school.


She looks like a 'Yun'".


She suffers from a minor case of androphobia, though she is generally able to accept men once she knows them.


She took a job request by Ikusaba to enter a particular ruin and retrieve the treasure inside, but failed and was severely injured. During this time she was missing for several days, and when she returned she did not remember anything about what had happened. In the last episode, its been hinted that she already died once.


  • Kurosu nicknamed her "Yun" because she "looks like a 'Yun'".




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