The manga adaptations of Nanana's Buried Treasure (龍ヶ嬢七々々の埋蔵金 Ryūgajō Nanana no Maizōkin?) are serialized in two different magazine. The first one is illustrated by Hitoshi Okuda and Atsushi Takeda, serialized on Enterbrain's Famitsu Comic Clear Magazine since August 10, 2012. The second one is illustrated by Modomu Akagawara, serialized on Hakusensha's Hana to Yume - Bunkei Shōjo magazine starting February 2014.

Another adaptation by Kōroku Mikage titled Nanana's Buried Treasure The Animation is being serialized on Kadokawa Shotem's Monthly CompAce magazine, and as the title suggests, this serialization is based on the anime's storyboard. The serialization began on the March 2014 issue, released on January 25, 2014.


Famitsu Clear ComicsEdit

# Release Date ISBN
Nanana's Buried Treasure 1 January 15, 2013 ISBN 978-4-04-728629-0
Nanana's Buried Treasure 2 March 15, 2013 ISBN 978-4-04-728630-6

Hana to Yume ComicsEdit

# Release Date ISBN
Nanana's Buried Treasure 1 March 20, 2014 ISBN 978-4-59-221751-0

Kadokawa Comics Ace (The Animation)Edit

# Release Date ISBN
Nanana's Buried Treasure The Animation 1 May 10, 2014 ISBN 978-4-04-121102-1


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